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Some frequently asked questions...

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Can I visit your studio?

We have recently moved our London studio, and it is taking us a while to get ready for customers to visit us there.

Meanwhile, we are holding pop up events in central London every month and we will be in Edinburgh, Paris, Amsterdam, and Tokyo every few weeks.

At the pop-up event, you will be able to view our rings and loose diamonds, and we can create your own bespoke diamond ring.

This service is available by appointment only, see here for more information.

Can I order a ring in US or Euro,
or half size?

Yes, we can make directly to US and EURO sizes (conversion charts do vary so best to avoid).

You can place your order in the nearest UK size and then add your correct US or EURO size in the 'INSTRUCTIONS TO SELLER' box on the PayPal Checkout page.

The size MUST be within the size range specified on the item description. 

We can also make UK half and quarter sizes - if they are not listed just follow the same instructions as above and make a note at the checkout page.

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The diamond ring I am interested in is marked as sold, can you make another one for me?

We can't make exactly the same ring as the one that is shown as 'sold' online.

As each diamond is different and unique, we can make a very similar design ring but with a different stone, so it would look slightly different to the photograph of the ring that is 'sold'.  

Do you make bespoke diamond rings?

Yes! but you will need to come along to one of our Trunk show, pop-up events to view our sample rings and loose diamonds.

We regularly hold pop up events in London, Edinburgh, Paris, Amsterdam, and Tokyo.


I want to buy a ring for my girlfriend/wife/boyfriend, but I don't know their ring size, what should I do?

We suggest asking the parents or friends of the person to help - or to find a ring that they wear on the appropriate finger which we can measure exactly. 

However, it's worth considering proposing with a cheap ring and then buying the real ring together so that they can have their finger measured correctly by a jeweller. 

 Can I buy an item online then collect from your studio?

We are sorry this is not possible, all online orders will be dispatched as stated in the 'terms & conditions'.
It is not possible to arrange collection from our workshop.


Do you do next day delivery?

As we hand package every item, we cannot guarantee to send every item for next day delivery, but we are often able to do so.

Otherwise, most jewellery items will be dispatched within 2 - 3 working days and wedding rings between

6 - 8 weeks {or as stated on the item description}.

The item on your site is sold out, when will it be in stock?

We hand make all of our jewellery right here in London.

We make small batches of items as we sometimes change a design.

Usually, we will re-stock the item as soon as we can.
If we have a definite date when an item will be back in stock it will say so on the item title on our online shop.
If this isn't stated, then we are not certain when the item will be in stock again.

Occasionally we may discontinue an item.

All of our wedding rings are 'made to order'.

Our diamond rings are one-off pieces, so the ring in the photograph is the actual and unique ring.

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I'd like to order a wedding ring or diamond ring in a different metal, is this possible ? and how do I order it online?

Yes, it is possible, if you would like to contact us by email, our team will be happy to help!

Can you alter/remake/recycle  my diamond/jewellery/ring? 

We are sorry but we don't offer this service; we use only materials which we have sourced, and we only make to our own designs. 
We only engrave our own jewellery. 
This is our very strict company policy.


Can you make a wedding ring to fit against my engagement ring?

We don't generally recommend wearing rings together as they can wear against each other causing damage to the stone setting which could cause your stone to drop out. 

It is advisable to wear them on different fingers unless you really don't mind taking the risk. 

If you would like to wear two rings close together then we would advise they are made of the same metal and a wishbone shape is worth considering.

I'd like to buy a necklace, but I'd like it to be shorter/longer can you do this for me?

Yes we can make most necklace chains shorter or longer {with a few exceptions}. 

Simply contact us before you purchase, stating the desired chain length. 

We will then let you know if this is possible.


If you didn't find your answer...

Please do not hesitate to contact us, our team will be happy to help!

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