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Ring guide

Here are some simple steps to make purchasing your wedding rings a little easier!

Step 1 - Have your finger measured
Step 2 - Choosing the right metals
Step 3 - Deciding which ring width

Step 4 - Adding a stone
Step 5 - Personal engraving
Step 6 - Purchasing
Step 7 - Receiving your rings


Have your finger measured

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First, you will need to find out your ring size.

To do this we recommend you visit a local jeweller who will have the necessary equipment to find your exact size.

Some things to remember are:

Make sure you measure the finger you will wear your ring on {usually the left hand} your size is normally larger on the hand you write with!

Mention to the jeweller the kind of ring width you are considering as a wider band will feel tighter than a thin band.

Wedding rings should fit securely, and you should have to twist or wiggle the ring to remove it, if the ring comes off without doing this, then it is too loose.

Your fingers can swell up at times, this can be as much as one size larger when you are hot, and reduce in size when you are cold. Your fingers can also be more swollen in the morning when you wake. Be sure to measure your finger when you are neither too hot nor too cold.

We use UK, US or EURO ring sizes only. 
For other nationality sizes, it is best to email us with the EXACT internal diameter {in millimeters} of a ring that fits you, and we will make to the same measurement. 
For instance, as UK size J = 15.56mm. A jeweller will have a guage to be able to do this for you.
Always bear in mind that the width {or height} of the ring will make a difference to the fit, so measure a ring which is similar in width as the one you would like to order.


Choosing the right metals

Once you know your size, the next thing to decide is which metal you would like.
Here is a brief outline of the different metals we use...

9ct Gold

This is a gold alloy, which means it is part pure gold, mixed with other metals to make it harder {pure gold is too soft for most jewellery}.
9ct Gold is Hallmarked by the UK Government, with the symbol of a crown {gold mark} and the numbers 375 {meaning 37.5% gold}.

18ct Gold

This alloy has twice as much pure gold content than 9ct, and is stamped 750 {meaning 75% gold}.
The colour can be slightly deeper than the 9ct gold, but it is not always easy to see the difference.
Because there is a much higher gold content in 18ct, it will be very slightly softer than 9ct, and will gather a lovely patina over time.
18ct Gold will be more expensive than 9ct gold because of it's purity.


18ct Red & White Gold.

The red or rose gold colour happens in exactly the same way as with the 9ct gold alloys. The red or rose gold colour is achieved by mixing copper with the gold and White gold is achieved by mixing Palladium or silver with the gold. Palladium is a white precious metal.
All of the colour variations must, by law, have the correct amount of pure metals in them {375% gold or 750% gold} to make them legal for us to sell!

9ct white gold is less expensive than 18ct white gold due to it's silver content and has the brightest colour, when new, of all the white metals 
Over time it gets darker and where there is any engraving or texture on the ring it will stay darker.
Every day wear will keep the surface bright but carved or engraved areas will stay a darker colour.

If you purchase your 9ct white gold ring well in advance of your wedding we advise you take the ring out of the box and polish it every couple of weeks with the polishing cloth provided.
If the 9ct white gold ring is left in a sealed box for months it will tarnish beyond the point where you can remove any tarnish with the cleaning cloth and it would need to be professionally polished.

18ct white gold is not actually white, it is slightly darker, more like a soft grey colour, this colour stays the same permanently because we use palladium for the alloy which doesn't tarnish.
So if you prefer a dull or less bright colour for your ring 18ct white gold would give you this.
N.B..Our white gold rings are not rhodium plated.


This white metal is the most highly prized, it is the hardest and most durable of all the precious metals and will last more than a life time and should still be looking good in many generations to come.
It feels a little heavier than the other metals and is less prone to scratches and wear.
Any fine details in engraving will last much longer.
Due to the hardness of platinum it is a more difficult and more labour intensive metal to work with, because of this and the benefits and rarity of platinum the price will be considerably higher than any of the other metals.
The colour is whiter than 18ct White Gold.

The Hallmark for Platinum is 950 {meaning 95% Platinum} and it is marked with the 'Orb' stamp representing Platinum.

*ALLERGIES. please be aware that some  people can suffer allergies to nearly all types of metals {9ct gold being the most reactive}. If you have any concerns about this we advise that you contact an Allergy Specialist or Dermatologist.
We cannot give refunds if an allergy occurs. We use standard metals with Government approved finess, beyond this, there is little we can do.



Deciding which ring width


We have available ring widths 2mm,  2.5mm ,3mm, 4mm & 5mm.

The width of ring that best suits you can depend on many different factors such as your build.
If you are female and have very slim fingers, it might be better to choose  2mm, 2.5mm or 3mm width.

You should also take into account whether you will be wearing other rings on the same finger, if this is the case, we would recommend a thinner width band.

For men, In general, sizes such as 3mm, 4mm and 5mm suit better, with 4mm being the most popular width.

Please bear in mind if you are not accustomed to wearing a ring, a thinner width of ring will feel more comfortable to wear, some men however feel the wider ring has a slightly more masculine look, this of course will depend on your build and your personal taste.


Adding a stone

Almost all of our wedding rings are suitable for setting one stone in each ring.

This will be done by our own diamond setter.


The diameter of the stone to be set cannot be greater than the width of the ring.

1.5mm stone - suitable for ring widths 2mm, 3mm, 4mm, 5mm
2.0mm stone - suitable for ring widths 3mm, 4mm, 5mm
2.5mm stone - suitable for ring widths 4mm, 5mm


*We may need to confirm with you which stone is to be set in which ring.
Please see the option '...add a diamond' for examples and pricing.



Personal engraving


We can engrave a short text onto your ring, either on the inside or the outside of your ring {provided the outside is plain}.


This is charged at £30 for 10 characters, no charge for punctuation.

Please see '...add engraving' section in the sidebar.

You can add quantity of characters at the checkout page.

We allow a maximum of 30 characters for each ring.

There are two different fonts to choose from, 'Script' or 'Roman'.

Once you have decided on your engraving, you can write your instructions on the Paypal form, in the box marked 'note to seller' .

Our engraving is completed by hand using tiny chisels. All of our rings can be engraved, however, the thinner the width, the smaller the writing!



Once you have decided on your ring and you have triple checked you ring size, you can then proceed to checkout.

We will receive instant notification of your order, and you will receive your confirmation email from us via Paypal instantly. 

Please feel free to contact us at any point to receive an up-date of your rings progress. 

Please see our 'Terms & Conditions' page for more information about shipping.

* INTERNATIONAL CUSTOMERS, our rings take between 6 - 10 weeks to make, PLEASE ALLOW PLENTY OF DELIVERY TIME to your destination.

We are only responsible for the time it takes to make and dispatch your ring and not for the time it takes to reach you.
Having no wedding ring for your ceremony can cause unnecessary stress!



Receiving your rings


Finally, your rings will arrive, they will require a signature on delivery.


Each wedding ring or engagement ring comes in its wooden ring box, and they will be safely packed and boxed.

If you have not received what you  ordered, please see our 'Terms & Conditions' page for more information.

If you have not ordered the correct size and the ring needs adjusting {by a maximum of two sizes up or down, only}, then we can do this for you.

You will have to pay for the postage to and from our workshop, and provide adequate tracking and insurance as we cannot be responsible for the loss or damage of rings in transit.


You can purchase ring resizing and return postage or courier via the main menu.

If you have any other concerns about your ring...

please contact us and we will be happy to help in any way we can!

Thank you for reading,
RU.ST Jewellery

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